Best Breitling NAVITIMER 8 series

Breitling copy has just announced that its latest collection was inspired by the Huit Aviation Department during World War II. Navitimer 8 not only respects the tradition of the brand, but also plays an important role in the manufacture of chronographs.

The historical impact of Aviation Timing 8
The Whitby Aviation Department was established in 1938 and specializes in the work of aircraft on-board timers. The French “Huit” means 8, which refers to the 8-day power reserve found in the cockpit instruments.

Before checking the timing accuracy, each instrument experienced a series of severe challenges, including extreme temperature and vibration. As a result of this test, military pilots are attracted by the timer.

Design influence
The new series is inspired by the design of these car clocks. This inspiration is particularly reflected in the dial and bezel. Reference 768, the iconic pilot watch with a rotating bezel and triangular hands, also influenced the design of these new fake watches.

The typical nicks on the bezel can be seen in the case of these watches in the Breitling series. The shape of the lugs and the combination of high-grade and satin finish give the design a sense of sporty elegance. The font design on the dial is inspired by the original pilot model. Around the dial on the railway minute track, you will find some small triangles, also referencing earlier models of Breitling.

Each new model has a two-way rotating bezel and is water-resistant to 100m. Depending on the model and movement, these watches have a power reserve of 40 to 70 hours. These watches are designed for the best readability and functionality.

Navitimer’s 5 models 8
Five impressive new models have just been released. This is the first new Breitling model since Georges Kern left Richemont and became the CEO of Breitling.

Aviation Timing 8 B01
The first is Navitimer 8 B01 powered by internal Caliber 01, this watch has an impressive 70-hour power reserve. This watch will be equipped with a blue or black dial with a stainless steel case. For those looking for precious metals, the watch will offer 18k rose gold and bronze dials.

The watch has a stainless steel strap or an alligator leather strap. As with the trends we have seen this year, these models will have contrasting subdials.

Number AB011713 (stainless steel)
Reference RB011713 (18k rose gold)
In-house Breitling manufacturing movement 01
Automatic winding
Passed COSC certification
Ratchet chronograph
Power reserve of more than 70 hours
Hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph and date
43mm case
13.97mm thick

Navitimer 8 Unitime
Navitimer 8 Unitime is specially designed for international travelers, providing world time indication through independent hour hand. This watch is powered by a B35 movement made by Breitling and, like Navitimer 8 B01, has a 70-hour power reserve.

The self-winding movement has a bidirectional ball-bearing rotor with two spring barrels. This stainless steel watch will be available with a black or silver dial. The am/pm indicator of the silver model is gray and blue, and the black dial is gray and black.

Reference AB352113
Breitling-made movement B35
Automatic winding
Passed COSC certification
43mm stainless steel case
14.38mm thick
Black or silver dial
Exhibition bottom cover
Power reserve of more than 70 hours
Hours, minutes, seconds, date and world time with am/pm indicator

Navitimer 8 Chronograph
The Navitimer 8 chronograph is used in conjunction with the Breitling movement 13, and will not be confused with the B01. The movement is COSC certified with an accuracy of a quarter of a second, but it is not an in-house manufactured movement. The movement has a 42-hour power reserve and a single-sided ball bearing rotor.

This watch is also equipped with a 43 mm stainless steel case with a black or blue dial. In addition, there is a black dial version and a stainless steel case with DLC coating. This model is easier to access than the B01 version and can be easily identified by its 6-9-12 layout and the monochromatic dial of the chronograph.

Number A1331410 (stainless steel)
No. M1331410 (DLC coated steel)
Caliber 13
Automatic winding
Passed COSC certification
43mm case
14.17 mm thick
Black or blue dial
Sturdy bottom cover
42 hours power reserve
Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date and date

Navitimer 8 Day Dating
Navitimer 8 Day-Date is slightly smaller than other models in the series, measuring 41mm. This watch uses a symmetrical dial, the first day of the week is arched, and the span is between 11 hours and 1 hour. The date indicator is balanced at 6 o’clock. This watch is powered by Breitling movement 45, which is similar to the Navitimer 8 chronograph movement, but it is not a manufacturing movement. The bidirectional rotor can provide a power reserve of more than 40 hours for the watch.

Reference A4533010
Caliber 45
Automatic winding
Passed COSC certification
41mm stainless steel case
11.19 mm thick
Black or blue dial
Sturdy bottom cover
40 hours power reserve
Hour, minute, second, date and date

Navitimer 8 automatic
Navitimer 8 Automatic has completed our list of new features and issued a style statement. Comparing this watch with historical models from the 1930s and 1940s, from a visual point of view, it is a direct descendant and has classical inspiration. This watch is the simplest of these new products and is equipped with the Breitling Calibre 17, which is a COSC-certified but not yet built-in movement.

Number A1731410 (stainless steel)
No. M1731410 (DLC coated steel)
Caliber 17
Automatic winding
Passed COSC certification
Black or blue dial
41mm case
10.74mm thick
Sturdy bottom cover
Hours, minutes and seconds