Richard Mille RM 35-02: Rafael Nadal watch

Richard Mille RM 35-02: Rafael Nadal watch with automatic upper chain With the rapid development of Roland Garros in Roland Garros, let’s take a look at the latest luxury sports watches designed for Tennis’s greatest nine French Nadal Rafael Nadal. Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal continues to establish partnerships with Swiss high-end watch brands and Spain tennis stars, the latter begins in 2008, from the groundbreaking RM 027 starts producing a sub-brand of Nadal brand watches. This new watch is the first watch in Nadal series with automatic movement.

RM 35-02 has two high-tech case materials, one is NTPT Carbon (for the latest watch for this series, last year is RM 27-02), the other is a bright red quartz tPT with white highlight (eg Figure). The latter material consists of a silicon layer having no more than 45 microns, and is treated with a red resin (specifically for Richard Mille), and the process will be layered during the automatic process. The direction of each layer has changed over 45 degrees. The material is then heated at a pressure similar to 120 degrees Celsius similar to the autoclave used for the aviation component, and then processed into a complete housing. The obtained natural white quartz fibers were not stained, and the red resin was stark contrast to make the case with extremely high resistance weight ratio, no transmissibility characteristics and excellent ultraviolet performance.

Rm 35-02 Rafael Nadal’s hollower core is a new Calibre RmAl1, which is made of 5-level wet titanium from sandblasts, and is treated with PVD / Titalyt, and stretched To ensure maximum rigid and smooth surface. It is equipped with a variable inertial balance (the components found in other Richard Mille movements), which are 28,800 VPH, and their double-proof box system is intended to provide greater long-term torque stability, can store at least 55 hour.

The movement of the movement of the movement of the movement of the movement of Richard Mille answers the answer to the customer’s automatic new Nadal watch – based on the brand has been patented, this innovative technology can be most effective. Adapted to the string of the closing. Adapting to the user’s activity level: The inertia of the rotor can be modified to speed up the speed of motion at the smallest arm exercise in the leisure time, or slow down in a fierce sports (ie, the hard five-group tennis competition). This watch provides another first in the Rafael Nadal Series: sapphire crystal glass on the bottom cover, has passed non-reflection treatment, making the movement more appearance.

RM 35-02 Nadal automatic chain quadden TPT, and new RM 055 NTPT Buba Watson “Dark Legend” and “White Legend”

The three is just a magical number of Richard Miller. This month, they added three new models in the growing watch series. More importantly, the products pushed the product to new heights in innovative materials and design. As the highest-end brand in a luxurious watch, Richard Mille is increasing and improving, refreshing the popular models (RM 035 and RM 055 in this example) are always gratified.