Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch hands-on

London Bremont just announced a new “entry-level” model in its Bremont Jaguar watch series, the “Jaguar MKIII“. This new car-themed timepiece follows the popular Jaguar MKI and MKII watch models that debuted here in early 2015. The case of the Bremont Jaguar MKIII is slightly thinner, and the three-hand automatic movement is simpler. In some respects, it is by far the simplest and most refined Bremont Jaguar watch.

Bremont’s relationship with Jaguar began a few years ago, with Bremont and Jaguar’s head of design, Ian Callum (who chatted with him) Good people) established a close relationship and consolidated the relationship. In 2014, Bremont (Bremont) launched a limited edition Jaguar MKI, this series began this series, known as “Bremont lightweight E-type chronograph”, and with a very unique set of Jaguar ( Jaguar) lightweight type E chronograph. It should be completed in the early 1960s. Bremont made a watch for each car in an 18k white gold case.

Later, the limited-release steel Bremont lightweight E-type watch became the Bremont Jaguar MKI, which included the first movement ever made, including a board produced in-house by Bremont, and the rest of the movement came from La Joux-Perret, Switzerland. . MKII is a two-hand chronograph. Today, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII offers the same dial, inspired by the original Jaguar E-Type dashboard, while the three-hand dial is centered on hours, minutes and seconds. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch, like the Bremont Jaguar MKI, has a date window, but interestingly, the original limited edition lightweight E-type chronograph does not. More importantly, the movement in MKI is much more exclusive, so the price is several times more expensive.

Bremon was asked to produce a more easy-to-use model of Jaguar watches, and Bremon Jaguar MKIII is just that. In many ways, as a car-themed watch, the Bremen Jaguar MKIII is like Bremen’s aviation watch, which is responsible for the role of Bremen. This is a reliable three-watch model that is cheaper than other watches. The model in the brand catalog .

You will see the hands-on Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch and the MKII in the original Jaguar E-Type from the 1960s in Bremont, where you can see clear inspiration from the instrument panel. Like the MKI and MKII watches, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII is equipped with a 43 mm wide hardened steel case. The thickness of the Bremont Jaguar MKIII is also smaller than other Bremont Jaguar watches, with a thickness of 13.85mm, which makes it more sleek on the wrist. The case is decorated with a domed sapphire crystal on the dial, which is water-resistant to 100 meters.

The inside of the Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch is a Swiss ETA basic movement supervised and modified by Bremont. Its movement BE-36AE operates at 4Hz and has a 38-hour power reserve-you can find this movement in other swiss Bremont watches. The movement has been tested at COSC and has received chronometer certification. As a more basic model, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch has a sturdy back cover with a retro-style Jaguar car logo and an “E-Type” label to remind the wearer of which special car in the future inspired the watch’s design. I think this is important because I think watchmakers should add more elements to the “theme table” so that future generations will know the full meaning of these items.

The entire Bremont Jaguar watch has few details, it is what we really appreciate-such as the tread pattern texture on the crown, and the well-made dark blue calfskin strap with a “race porthole.” Among these, David, who wears Bremont Jaguar MKIII, likes the simplicity and elegance of the dial, which makes the watch a comfortable way to wear daily. Nevertheless, the “red line” color on the dial can still remind the wearer that it is a car. inspiration.

These are obviously dual-brand price fake watches with Bremont and Jaguar names on the dials, which are inspired by the retro world of Jaguar cars, not the modern world produced by Jaguar. I think that eventually Bremont and Jaguar may launch some very interesting models that represent modern car design. When we visited Bremont, we drove around in a modern F-Type R and agreed that these are cars for watch lovers, and it makes sense for the British to work with unknown British people (the current parent company) It’s Tata, but Jaguar is still more or less independent of what they want to make) car manufacturer. For now, all of this is to appreciate the beautiful, old, crowded seats, safety considerations and many characteristic old cars.