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Franck Muller

The Cintrex case is an excellent design, and I must commend Franck Muller for choosing this special hand-stitched alligator leather strap and flat buckle. On a wearability level of 1 to 10, I (not without reason) let Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 score about 1, maybe a generous 2. But the integration of the strap (it can meet the high requirements of the case and go deep into the lugs, basically hacking the beast of this watch on the wrist), and the soft but strong alligator leather material it chooses, this means that I never Never once did I feel that when I lifted the fake watch, the watch would flip over my wrist and drink it with a fork or glass – we looked at the watch during lunch. It feels as safe as the top 10% watch on the wrist, which may be the biggest secret/surprise of this watch.

Once you remove your wrist, you will find that the fun has risen to another level. I can kindly say that I was shocked by this sight (very happy) for two reasons: 1) I have never seen a watch with a sausage dog on my wrist, and 2) the watch is so stable and strange I just don’t I want a wrist that feels comfortable at this height. Literally, when you rotate your wrist away from your wrist and discover its thickness, this is really a trick – I have done this countless times, every time when the dial that looks flat and good looks starts to rotate away from me , I can feel my brain panicking, it’s hard to understand what it’s looking at. Absolutely crazy

In the picture above, you can see that this watch, which weighs about 1 pound (even if it is placed vertically), is close to my wrist. The watch is not dragging my wrist down, it is pulling my entire arm. That is to say, by cleverly choosing the drilling point of the strap spring bar, the wrist strap can be comfortably and safely fixed to the strap, and the case has absolute absolute proportions. This is just a note for luxury desktop diver watches and all other watches: if this monster can be worn well on your wrist, then you have no reason to feel comfortable from time to time.

I encourage everyone to try and decide for themselves which side of Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 is crazier. A dial with 18 hands and 5 discs, or a back cover with cams, wheels, gears, discs, bridges, etc. with a 9000-level maze. Strangely, the only really legible issue on the dial is the curved crystal with weak AR coating – I know that the curved crystal will always reflect the wide view behind/above the watch wearer…but I don’t think I can look at the same time To the entire dial (or close to it). Through the clever use of blue and red, the instructions are arranged very cleverly, making the different instructions super easy to distinguish. I won’t even try to describe everything on the watch face-please refer to the shared diagram on the previous page to identify each function.

The distant view of the back cover is very clean. Although I am sure that you can engrave personalized text or some specs of show off prints on the platinum frame of the sapphire case back, I think that the vertically brushed case frames the super busy movement in a fairly classic way. Although this particular example is visually complex, it does leave a deep impression on me: its life is a bit difficult: this special thing was given by someone from the brand, so from the movement Looking at the signs of wear and tear, I will go out and say that this thing must have been disassembled and reassembled many times. Since this is not the client’s work, the manufacturer can use it to do whatever he wants without having to spend hours (or days) to clean up the last scratches or scratches among the hundreds of works displayed on the side of the bottom cover. Dirt – So, in my book, since this is not an official event or display of a watch, it is good.

After memorizing these notes, the pure idea behind the movement is unbelievable to say the least… And seeing so many small, 3-dimensional, CNC-cut (and uncompressed) parts combined on the case, is The dream of watch lovers, for sure. I can hardly imagine the time and effort required for CAD design, processing, inspection, reprocessing, refinement, decoration, assembly, and possibly further cleaning of many individual parts. The end result is like Lange Double Split on many particularly strong steroids: wherever you see, you can see parts, cams, wheels, each part has its own dedicated function, and these functions It is connected with other things.

I think Franck Muller fake should make a sapphire case version of the watch as soon as possible-if they really want to show off this watch and sell more watches. Regarding the last point of all these complications, I think everyone should keep in mind: I have not tried 95% of the complications in this watch, so I cannot comment on how they work… Honestly, I don’t know either, either There are no statistics on this, but I would be shocked if all the complications on a watch with such a high level of complexity worked consistently well… If the owner of the watch really realized this, I would also be shocked ……but do you know? It may seem like a sacrifice, but I think it is not unreasonable to require this watch to work normally for a long time. As far as I’m concerned, you might disagree. If any brand can show me a watch that can be used once, I think it’s a great achievement – ​​but it doesn’t make me expect it to continue. the work. If you think the expectations are low, then I don’t think you have a good idea about the incomprehensible complexity of the interaction between hundreds of parts.

So, in essence, what does it feel like to see the unexpected appearance of Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4? It’s refreshing. After a whole week of lukewarm, meaningless retro SIHH 2018, this Franck Muller style middle finger is facing the conservatism of the watch, which is very interesting and exciting. Fascinated, in fact, this is a big finger in “Watches Bucket List”.

I am of course very happy to see that Aeternitas Mega 4 does exist. Its strap and strap integration, wear resistance, dial layout and their wise and thoughtful design contrasts with weight, thickness and the two make me feel very shocked. Crystal clear curved crystal. At the same time, this is a touring performance that also imitates the style originally intended to be perfect.