What kind of watch can bear the word avant-garde?

What would it be like to combine traditional watchmaking with avant-garde elements? Ulysse Nardin replica was born in 1846 and has a profound history of 175 years. It has the profound technology of traditional watchmaking, and it is also constantly advancing in innovation to create a watch that is more suitable for the modern young generation. The Manager series is a more formal series among the Ulysse Nardin watches. The BLAST hollow tourbillon watch launched in 2020 has a stronger impact and a more sporty and youthful style. The avant-garde design and traditional complications collide with a distinctive visual effect. .

Ulysse Nardin’s co-explorer Carsten Peter used the camera in his hand to record the vitality of nature, and this vitality was also carried over to the BLAST skeleton tourbillon watch of Ulysse Nardin. From the erupting volcano to the icy polar region, the hot red gradually turned into blue. I was very surprised by the explosive power hidden in the watch.

BLAST hollow tourbillon watch has launched six models, black, rose gold, blue, white and two high-end jewelry watches. What we see is this BLAST hollow tourbillon glacier blue.

The middle titanium case is matched with a blue titanium bezel. The surface has been polished by wire drawing and the beveled edges are polished. At the same time, the side of the case is also engraved with an independent watch number, each watch is unique.

One side of the crown is engraved with the classic LOGO of Athens Watch.

Another special feature of the BLAST Skeleton Tourbillon watch is that the lugs imitate the line design of the stealth fighter. Each triangle area of ​​the lugs is distinguished by different polishing techniques. It is worth playing and making the Popular watch more Sporty.

This time, the BLAST skeleton tourbillon watch is equipped with the most famous complication of the tourbillon. But the power of the Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon lies in the application of the anchor escapement developed exclusively by the brand. The design of this mechanism is very ingenious. Ulysse Nardin has removed the traditional pallet shaft, stop nails, double discs and other parts, and applied a round silicon frame to hang the pallet on two ultra-thin silicon blades. , This special design can bend and loosen smoothly. In this way, there is no need to lubricate the tourbillon as usual.

The BLAST Skeleton Tourbillon watch has made a new interpretation of “X”. The first layer is a blue rectangular brass bridge connected to a blue “X” frame shape, and the second layer has a larger gray “X”. “Frame, the rectangle and “X” on the first floor are drawn horizontally, and the “X” frame on the second floor is frosted.

The blue luminous effect is quite avant-garde. The strap is equipped with two different materials, rubber and crocodile leather, to choose from. The blue crocodile leather strap is shown in the picture. The UN-172 self-winding movement mounted on the watch is based on the UN-171 movement. The movement is hollowed out with a large area. There are only 137 components. Whether viewed from the front or the back, the movement is tiny. The parts are very clear. This movement has a power reserve of 3 days.

The BLAST hollow tourbillon watch deduces a new aesthetic style, combining a visually impactful appearance with the beauty of machinery. Light penetrates the precision machinery, and the light and shadow reflect the special aesthetics and watchmaking concepts exclusive to Ulysse Nardin. For young people who like avant-garde fashion, BLAST hollow tourbillon watch is a choice not to be missed.