Bell & Ross SKULL

Bell & Ross BR 01 BURNING SKULL BR0192-SKULL-BURN Replica Watch

Permanent symbol

Bell & Ross replica has always insisted on breaking out of the existing framework and relentlessly exploring new areas of timepieces. This chapter of the skull watch story began in 2009, when the brand launched the BR 01 SKULL as a declaration to break the traditional watchmaking concept.

The Vikings nearly a thousand years ago, the pirates of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the paratroopers of the Second World War, and the skulls and crossbones in particular can be seen in military nations. In history, brave and combative warriors would hang their skulls on their bodies to show their courage, which was used to deter the enemy and to urge good luck and avoid evil.

In the past, pirates would hang the black Jolly Roger pirate flag on the mast of the ship, mostly in the pattern of two bones under the skull, which is said to have the effect of deterring the crew of other ships. In the early morning of June 6, 1944, the Allied forces landed in Normandy. At that time, the 82nd Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division of the US Army descended from the sky. The badges of the paratroopers’ parachuting uniforms had a skull logo and the words Death from Above. Bell & Ross pays the highest tribute to the brave soldiers with the SKULL watches.

Fine watchmaking craftsmanship, the crystallization of art and design

In addition to its special military meaning, the skull also represents the acceptance of death. It has another layer of philosophical meaning, symbolizing fragility and short-lived life. It is most commonly seen in vanitas still life paintings. The Latin Memento mori means “Don’t forget you will die.” It is reminiscent of the grim pictures of ancient paintings, or the creepy collections of the treasures of the humanists during the Enlightenment period.

The Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead in November every year, and everyone wears a variety of colorful skull masks, with the meaning of mocking death. This kind of humorous ridicule can also be seen in the BR 01 CYBER SKULL watch. The skull chin in the watch shows a mischievous smile. The skull shaped like a three-dimensional relief has an eternal meaning, giving the ancient symbolism a contemporary style.

BR 01 CYBER SKULL is the latest variation of the Bell & Ross skull watch. It is very different from the previous vintage watches. It has a strong sense of the times. The watchmaking craftsmanship, design, symbolic meaning and avant-garde creativity are all different. The appearance and level of appreciation will lead the aesthetics of skull watches from the 20th century to the future.

BR SKULL series

The skull watch series has been available for nearly ten years, and nearly ten models have been launched over the years, which have won the favor of collectors and have become a classic brand.

  1. BR 01 SKULL BR 01 SKULL is one of the pioneers of the skull watch, and many watch brands have followed after its launch. The first series also has two diamond watches, set with 415 and 672 diamonds respectively.
  2. BR 01 BURNING SKULL A creative variation that combines military symbols with tattoo art. The case is engraved with sparks and painted with black lacquer, echoing the paint used by the tattoo master.
  3. BR 01 LAUGHING SKULL The new idea of ​​the SKULL watch is equipped with one of the brand’s dynamic movement movements, and the skull chin can be opened like a smile.

The new CYBER SKULL watch

The SKULL watch series generally tend to be traditional, but the BR 01 CYBER SKULL has made a breakthrough. The avant-garde design anticipates the future direction of this series. The shape is refreshing and the brand design style is new.

Inspiration of stealth fighter into sculpture

Inspiration of the Stealth Fighter BR 01 CYBER SKULL has a sharp and tough silhouette, which hides the shadow of the stealth fighter. Inspired by the fuselage of the F117 fighter, the F117 fighter has sharp edges and corners, which can reduce radar reflections and avoid radar tracking, making it difficult for radar to detect . This technology is also applied to the most advanced warships, which also reduces the chance of detection and tracking.

BR 01 CYBER SKULL is made of matt black ceramics. This matt black is not reflective, so it is also used on military vehicle bodies. The structure of the case and the mirror looks like a jet plane cockpit cover. The matt black ceramic material enhances the visual texture and complements the watch design. With the lines like a fighter plane, it opens up a new design direction.

Traditional watchmaking countries emphasize beautiful arc curves, but BR 01 CYBER SKULL does the opposite. Infused with unique creativity, there is no shortage of brand professional military watches and flying watches.

The various elements inside and outside the watch, such as the watch ring, bezel, crown, skull and bones, are cleverly integrated into the sculptural space of the case, and the three-dimensional effect is extremely eye-catching.

The art of design

The artist’s work is appreciated and interpreted by the audience. Similarly, the beauty of BR 01 CYBER SKULL should be felt by the cousin. wholesale watches replica

The skull in the table has a pixelated texture, which can be appreciated from different angles; sharp corners, smooth surface, set off multiple personalities-is it futuristic Japanese origami craft? Is it a new awareness of death? Or is it the electronics of science fiction Robot? Does not have retro fashion style, the corners clearly exude a futuristic style, with the taste of Japanese origami.

The geometric shape enhances the visual texture of pixels, just like the effect when the image is enlarged. The shape of the skull and leg bones is also conceived in this way. The irregular faceted lines undoubtedly have the shadow of digital art. When a digital image is still, the constituent pixels can be seen.

The clean lines have the taste of contemporary art and certain avant-garde trends. Many artists’ works also have this method of expressing different aspects of reality, exploring the relationship between people and speed, light and shadow. Clear corner lines and light elements play an important role. The transparent glass dial and skull reflect light to create a visual effect of light and shadow.

BR 01 CYBER SKULL is like an innovative work of art, with eye-catching design that triggers thinking. The screw-inlaid skull, crossbones and movable chin seem to be suspended between two pieces of sapphire glass, while the matt black bezel and no lug design enhance this visual effect.

The rubber strap embossed BR in one piece with the case is like a fire mark of mysterious power. BR 01 CYBER SKULL is dumb and black, interacting with light ingeniously, inspiring multiple angles of appreciation, whether senior collectors or fans of junior watches can have their own experience and feelings.