Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision Enamel Replica Watch

When we thought we had seen all the knowledge about fake Greubel Forsey, then they raised the threshold further. We can only describe it as the pinnacle of watchmaking art, which brings a brand new Greubel Forsey GMT quad tourbillon. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey chose to revisit their second invention and combine it with the legendary multi-time zone display GMT to further develop it. The new Greubel Forsey GMT quad tourbillon is issued in limited edition, white gold, and the case size is 46.5 mm x 17.45 mm.

In 2011, two inventor watchmakers expressed their views on the function of world time in a landmark timepiece, aptly named GMT, and recently joined GMT Earth. In this patented system, the second time zone indicator on a separate sub-dial is used in conjunction with the universal time display, thanks to the world’s first, it can intuitively read the time around the world: a large globe every 24 hours Complete a complete rotation.

The inventor watchmaker also solved this challenge from an architectural perspective to create a timepiece in which a three-dimensional approach is expressed on multiple levels. The main hour/minute dial between 1-2 o’clock is the highest point of the pure gold dial of the anthracite chronograph dial, which is highlighted by the subtle asymmetry of the case, and is equipped with a 72-hour chronograph power reserve display.

The next level is 4 o’clock, with a coaxial small second hand and a second time zone display, which can be adjusted in 1-hour increments via the button. The observer is located between 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and can admire the magnificent earth in motion, surrounded by a 24-hour fixed ring of the equator, and displays the local time for all longitudes-while taking into account the day/night indications are light and dark areas.

In addition, the side windows in the asymmetric part of the case provide unprecedented views of the equator and the southern hemisphere. There are two pairs of four tourbillons on each side of the blue planet, each of which has an open and transparent structure, fixed by a light black polished bridge, and decorated with golden gold cones, hand-polished bevels and counter holes. Really fascinating light choreography. The GMT pusher located at the 5 o’clock position of the strap is easy to wear, and the time zone can be advanced with just one button, just like the Patek Philippe world time reference. 5231.

By integrating the quadruple tourbillon and the GMT movement, Greubel Forsey not only completed a major technical feat, but also created a new manual winding movement with 705 parts, including three fast-rotating barrels and 84 gold olive-shaped jewels are stuck. The internal tourbillon is inclined at an angle of 30 degrees and rotates once per minute. As for the external tourbillons, they will rotate completely within 4 minutes.

Through the bottom cover, you can see the world time, the day/night zone with a fixed 24-hour scale and the disk with the three-letter abbreviation of 24 cities, representing each time zone. The disk can also distinguish the time zones that implement “Daylight Saving Time” (Daylight Saving Time) displayed in light colors. Those are not shown on the dark background. The back cover also provides an opportunity to appreciate the quadruple tourbillon and the frosted bridge, the frosted bridge is inlaid with gold gemstones.

On the wrist, the case of the Greubel Forsey GMT quad tourbillon is slightly larger than the actual size. Because of the thick case, it looks more like a 47-48 mm timepiece. What can we tell you about masterpieces of watches. From black polishing to the structure of the movement, to the complexity of combining the world timer with the quadruple tourbillon, everything between this watch is calling for “high timepieces.” Limited to 11 pieces, only a platinum limited edition, there is nothing better than this. Perhaps this is the case, and we will see this on SIHH and Baselworld later this year or next year.

Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) became the pinnacle of watchmaking. It is simply this world.