The history of Patek Philippe’s vintage chronograph

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What is a chronograph? Patek Philippe replica watches.The most amazing thing about mechanical equipment is that it can capture and freeze eternal moments. It was invented by Louis Moinet and was promoted for civilian life by Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec at the request of King Louis XVIII of France, with the purpose of calculating The elapsed time for the gentleman to chase the horse. His chronograph is actually a “time writing” device with a small pen, which tracks the elapsed time by recording it on two rotating dials.

Due to the seismic changes in the 20th century, chronographs became popular. During the two world wars, it was used as a pilot’s watch to calculate the movement time of troops and even the time of artillery shots. It is also a modern symbol of the new era introduced by motorsport and civil aviation.

It is very precious to let you know when to put coins on a payphone, and you need to make an overseas call every three minutes. Using a fixed ruler such as a speedometer, pulse meter, or telemeter, it can help calculate the average speed over a fixed distance, reveal a person’s heart rhythm, and provide the distance to an event based on how the sound travels. The band chronograph gives a sense of rogue charm.

You are the epitome of graceful bad habits. You may be a man, you can jump into a Bentley blower in a whirlwind of romance, and run towards the gentleman in the south of France. Not only must you arrange the travel time to get the best personal record, but also arrange the heartbeat of the green-eyed girl to speed up Saw you walking in the door.

The next day, this is the watch you use to time the horse riding in Royal Ascot, while you are wearing a custom dressing gown with another intoxicating companion on your arm.

Patek Philippe fake began producing the first chronograph pocket watch in 1856. Due to the extra space provided by the large case of the pocket watch, Patek Philippe often combines the timing function with other complications such as the minute repeater and perpetual calendar.

The first Patek Philippe standard chronograph dated back to 1924. It was an officer’s pocket watch with an unconventional arrangement of its totalizers at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

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However, before that, Patek had completed and sold the second hand chronograph in 1923. It may be a prototype with a separate second hand that can stop the second hand to provide an interval reading, and then release to catch up with the continuous running. Chronograph. The second hand.

This yellow gold watch was proudly exhibited in Patek Philippe’s historical chronograph exhibition. Its single-button configuration and chronograph function can be controlled by buttons on the strap to start, stop and reset.

It used Victorin Piguet’s 12 ligneébauche, which Patek Philippe continues to use in its modern watches, such as reference number 5959. However, the second hand chronograph is a very rare, expensive and relatively niche complication, and it is clear that Patek Philippe wants to launch a watch that may be more popular.

Reference 591 (~1930s –~1950s)

Alex thoughts
Patek Philippe first introduced model 591 in 1938. At the time of production, this model is completely different from any model produced by the manufacturer. The case produced by Wenger has “bean”-shaped lugs and is nicknamed “Fagiolino” or “Adzuki bean” by Italian collectors. The angular lines contrast sharply with the smooth Calatrava design with reference numbers 130 and 533. The reference number 591 is also larger than its chronograph model, with a case diameter of 34 mm, giving today’s wholesale watches replica a modern aesthetic.

The number of references 591 is very small. In fact, this is one of the rarest chronographs produced by the company in the entire 1930s and 1950s. There are 19 examples of gold and 27 examples of rose gold. No steel.

The theme of the Patek Philippe Rabbit Hole is the appearance of the “Fagiolino” or “Adzuki bean” chronograph. The abbreviation number 591 refers to the distinctive bean-shaped lugs welded to the sharp-angled case. The concave bezel contrasts sharply with the mainstream smoothness of the Calatrava case numbers 130 and 533. Despite this, its performance at auction is moderate, but the watch is very beautiful.

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Number 1579 (1943 – 1964)
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Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) serial number 1579 came out in 1943, with its unusual lugs, thick bezel and large openings on the dial, it exudes an aesthetic sense of beauty.

In addition to reference number 591 (and the only reference number 533-see above), reference number 1579 is the only Patek Philippe chronograph with stylized lugs. Model ref 1579, its exquisite button-shaped diamond-shaped lugs gave this watch the nickname “Spider Lugs” chronograph. This extraordinary feature makes this watch one of the most impressive case designs of the 1950s.

Perhaps due to the eccentric lugs, the dial varieties provided by Patek Philippe are different from other dials, and during the production process, Stern Frères produced two series of dials for the reference dial 1579. These dials can be indexed Shape to distinguish.

The first series of dials (1943-1949) are indexed with Arabic numerals and batons, while the second series (1950-1964) are indexed with Arabic numerals and squares. There are known 82 rose gold, 7 steel, 3 platinum and 2 steel/gold. I do not have an exact gold production number. Interestingly, ref 1579 is Patek Philippe’s only platinum chronograph.

In 1943, Patek Philippe introduced an interesting and bold new chronograph in the form of a highly stylized reference 1579 “spider lug” chronograph. The background behind the introduction of this extraordinary timepiece by the Stern family will not be lost to us today. The world is experiencing tremendous social and artistic turmoil. It was the end of the Art Deco era and the beginning of the modernist movement. The Second World War is still ongoing. In the chaotic chaos, Patek Philippe (Charles and Jean Stern) was ordered to launch a watch that suddenly made all chats endless, overloaded the senses and silenced the surrounding sounds.

Since 1579 was so unique and so boldly different, collectors had no choice but to stop and pay attention. I have used the following quote twice in my recent story, which is my belief. In the words of Toni Morrison: “This is the time for artists to work. There is no time for despair, no pitiful place, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language This is how civilization is healed.” I like 1579 because I think this is an attempt by the Stern brothers to help the world around him restore health by creating beauty.

There are almost no other types of dials with model number 1579. The dial can be enamel, with a printed baton mark and a combination of Arabic numerals 12 and 6. Or they can be silver-plated matte dials with Arabic 12 and 6 and square multi-faceted indexes. Please note that these are the only two variants of the dial design we know of. Review replica AAA watches

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