MB&F Legendary Machine Permanent EVO

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO Orange 07.ZR.OR Replica Watch

MB&F’s latest timepiece, Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO, is designed for connoisseurs of fine watches who like adventure and an active lifestyle. This is the latest version of the Legacy Machine Perpetual series, which uses an extraordinary mechanical engine designed by Stephen McDonnell. This award-winning perpetual calendar movement replaces the traditional structure with an innovative mechanical processor.

The limited edition Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO watch is equipped with a sturdy zirconium box, which is available in orange, black and blue according to the color of the CVD coating used on the dial.

LM Perpetual EVO comes with a zirconium box, which is rarely used in watchmaking. Zirconium is a shiny silver-gray metal whose material properties exceed stainless steel and titanium. Due to its unique characteristics, processing zirconium is very difficult and dangerous. Previously, this challenging metal was used in MB&F’s HM3 Frog and HM5.

The biocompatibility, hypoallergenicity and antimicrobial properties of zirconium make it an ideal material for MB&F’s favorite amphibian organic curve, and its technical attractiveness and physical properties (lighter than steel and more durable than titanium) are very Suitable for HM5 inspired by cars. Following the footprint of these two products, the powerful LM Perpetual EVO watch chose zirconium as its armor.

Although its 44mm diameter has not changed since the 2015 iteration, the new EVO case design adopts a frameless structure, and the domed sapphire crystal is directly integrated into the case. This design adds openness, highlighting the balance between the clarity of the LM Perpetual EVO calendar display and the cinematic style of the engine components, while the iconic MB&F hovering balance wheel surpasses this component.

The new display of this extension of LM Perpetual Engine is not a simple design reconfiguration. The new geometric shape of the sapphire crystal must be calculated in order to achieve the opposite mechanically, that is, to maintain the structural strength and reduce its aspect ratio. To get the LM Perpetual EVO off the bezel, a sophisticated thermal bonding system must be used between the sapphire crystal and the zirconium metal case.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO Blue 07.ZR.BU Replica Watch

The circular pusher used to adjust the perpetual calendar has been expanded to a double-spring rectangular actuator, which improves the tactile comfort and is easy to adjust. For the first time, LM Perpetual EVO has achieved a water resistance of 80m through the MB-F screw-in crown. A small detail of the tightening screw, but the essential detail is the crease of the winding stem. When the crown is pushed in and tightened, the crown is separated from the winding mechanism, thus eliminating the need for manual winding. possibility.

Another new element of LM Perpetual EVO is FlexRing: a ring damper installed between the case and the movement to provide shock protection along the vertical and horizontal axes. The shock absorber is made of a single stainless steel block, giving the perpetual calendar excellent durability. This function is related to classics and elegance, but it can be said to be the most complicated practicality and practicality of all.

When Stephen McDonnell set out to redesign the MB&F perpetual calendar, he proposed a system that reconsidered the entire mechanical principle of complications. LM Perpetual uses a “mechanical processor” consisting of a series of superimposed disks. This revolutionary processor sets the default number of days in the month to 28 (because logically, all months have at least 28 days), and then adds additional days according to the needs of each month.

This ensures that each month has the correct number of days, and eliminates the possibility of incorrect date skipping. The built-in safety function can disconnect the quick setting button during the date change, so even if the button is accidentally operated during the date change, the movement will not be damaged.

LM Perpetual EVO enhances dynamics and durability, is a new dial color-orange shade, as bright as it is difficult to achieve. Dark PVD/CVD coatings are common, and colors that appear at the cooler end of the visible light spectrum are becoming more and more familiar in the watchmaking industry.

Shades such as yellow, orange, and red are rarely used in PVD/CVD because it has been mastered by a handful of technologically advanced experts who keep their material compounds and application methods as close professional secrets.

LM Perpetual EVO is the first timepiece to display a bright orange CVD coating. There are also black and blue dial colors to choose from. The three colors are limited to 15 pieces to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the brand. perfect fake watch

technical details
The Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO has 15 parts and 3 versions are available: zirconium case with orange CVD dial, zirconium case with blue CVD dial and zirconium case with black PVD dial .

A fully integrated perpetual calendar developed by Stephen McDonnell for MB&F, with dial-side complications and a mechanical processor system architecture with built-in safety mechanisms. Double barrel with manual winding. Tailor-made 14 mm balance wheel with traditional adjustment screws visible on the top of the movement. Under the premise of respecting the style of the 19th century, the most advanced manual processing is carried out; the internal bevel highlights the manual craftsmanship; the polished bevel; the Geneva wave; hand-carved

Electric black dial with SLN numbers and hands (except the year and power reserve)
FlexRing: A ring damper installed between the case and the movement to provide shock protection along the vertical and horizontal axes.
Tighten the crown
Power reserve: 72 hours
Balance frequency: 18,000bph / 2.5Hz
Number of parts: 581
Number of gems: 41

Hour, minute, day, date, month, retrograde leap year and power reserve indication

Material: Zirconium
Dimensions: 44mm x 17.5mm
Number of parts: 70
Waterproof depth: 80m / 8 ATM / 270 feet

Sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on the top and back

Strap and buckle
Rubber strap with titanium folding clasp