Harry Winston Project Z10 Watch

Harry Winston Ocean Project Z10 Replica Watch

Harry Winston’s Project Z series has been around for more than a decade, and the famous jeweler and watch manufacturer recently showed off the tenth watch in the series. This watch is called the Harry Winston Project Z10 watch. Like previous watches, it uses Zalium and is greatly influenced by engineering and architectural design.

If you are not familiar with Harry Winston Project Z, please review it briefly. In 2004, Harry Winston started the Project Z series. Z refers to Zalium, which is an exclusive zirconium-based alloy developed by Harry Winston’s son Ron Winston. He happens to be a talented chemical engineer. A lot of work has been done on rocket propellants.

He quickly realized that the properties of zirconium were very suitable for the watchmaking industry. It is not only extremely resistant to corrosion, but also hypoallergenic, very strong and lightweight. Ron then created a special zirconium alloy and named it Zalium. In 2004, the first Harry Winston Project Z watch came out, and this was the beginning of the series.

Fast forward 12 years and we have the tenth watch in the series-Harry Winston Project Z10 watch. Like the previous Project Z watch, the case of the Harry Winston Project Z10 watch is made of Zalium. The case is 42.2 mm wide and has a thick design with a very eye-catching crown guard. The case is also full of details, which makes it very difficult to work considering the hardness of Zalium. It is harder than stainless steel or even titanium. Harry Winston Project Z10 best new cheap watch has a water resistance of 100 meters, which is very suitable for sports design.

Harry Winston Project Z10 has an off-center main dial composed of a black grid and a black satin-finished chapter ring and rhodium hour markers. Elsewhere, the dial is decorated with more grids made of blue anodized aluminum, which allows you to see two retrograde displays. The counterclockwise display is at four o’clock, and the opposite side of eight o’clock is displayed counterclockwise. Finally, the date is displayed at 6 o’clock.

According to the brand, Harry Winston Project Z10 watch is inspired by the iconic Manhattan Bridge, which is appropriate considering that the brand is headquartered in New York. This also illustrates the grids and grids that decorate the dial.

The movement is the automatic movement HW3305 of Harry Winston. It is composed of 312 parts, has a cycle speed of 28,800bph, has a silicon balance spring, and has a power reserve of 65 hours. It also has an 18k gold hollow rotor, circular Geneva waves on the bridge, and snails nailed to the board.

The strap is also very interesting. Harry Winston (Harry Winston) called it a “double belt”, it is a mixture of blue alligator leather and rubber. Rubber is used to line the back of the alligator strap, which should increase the wearing comfort. The strap is also marked with a shuriken pattern.

The Harry Winston Z10 project perfect 2020 replica watch is a popular new addition to one of Harry Winston’s more interesting collections. Although it is not as complicated as its predecessors, nor as gorgeous as before, its simpler design makes it clearer, easier to understand and more practical.