A piece of contemporary watch history: Patek Philippe Reference 5204 Split-Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar

Patek Philippe Grand Complications SPLIT-SECONDS CHRONOGRAPH PERPETUAL CALENDAR 5204R-001 Replica Watch

“Candy Man” is not only a 1992 horror movie, but also the protagonist of the movie when people look in the mirror and call his name five times. Although the reality of the watch in 2019 is not so supernatural, it is creepy: in real life, you can even stand in front of a Patek Philippe franchisee more than a dozen times and sing “Nautilus” at will-most likely, appear. Patek Philippe’s design is ubiquitous on social media, and Nautilus’s desire is so great that certain Patek Philippe fanatics begin to get annoyed. The reason is because the Geneva manufacturer is far more famous than Genta design in many other achievements. It is making more efforts in its DNA, working hard for the next step of the fine watchmaking industry. One of the best examples: reference number 5204, a second hand chronograph with perpetual calendar. The minute repeater is one of the most complicated complications.

Model 5204 is also one of them. Not only is it very rare-money and patience are not enough to keep it under control.

Although this is irrelevant to the price of the timepiece, it is still an unquestionable sign that even in the world of Patek Philippe, you can also exercise in extreme areas. In fact, 5204 is a milestone in Patek Philippe’s recent history. The copy watch price was first launched in 2012, made of platinum, and again with a silver-white dial, and for the first time in 2014 with a black dial.

The split-second chronograph with perpetual calendar function is a faithful and logical step for the Geneva watchmakers. It involves a huge “complication”: based on the new CH 29-535 PS movement, they are in their boutique A standard chronograph (2010, No. 5170) was used in the chronograph, followed by a standard chronograph with a perpetual calendar (2011, No. 5270), and now a second chronograph with a perpetual calendar, the movement CHR 29- The new caliber 535 PS Q. replaces the 27-70 caliber that Nouvelle Lémania has used so far. Although the movement has been modified and reached the highest expectations of Patek Philippe, the step of producing the movement entirely in-house does have historical significance.

Therefore, 5204 represents the tradition and the future of the brand. The manual winding movement, two row wheels and horizontal clutch are undoubtedly the classic descendants of the fake Patek Philippe family. The dial also shows a familiar “face”. However, with a case diameter of 40.2 mm, they are taking a big step-one might say: contemporary. Its predecessor model ref. 5004, only 36.7 mm.

This is also the reason why the “chin” has caused the most controversy. The dial is located at 6 o’clock, and its moon phase and date indication can sneak into the outer circle of the minute display, which makes the symmetry slightly unbalanced. This is just a small design detail-but the new size that provides more space on the dial caused some discomfort. However, many contemporary Patek Philippe collectors seem to be very happy: American TV host Alan de Generes and football legend Frank Lampard are the proud choice of referees. 5204.

You can imagine how demanding the job of CEO Thierry Stern is. This is a permanent act of balancing, especially in terms of aesthetics: the traditionalist faction is involved in the “big complex “Sex” is particularly huge-to them, everything seemed better that day. At the same time, you can ensure that the brand owner Stern does not need any additional lessons in the brand history, and can lead the manufacturer into the future. All the laurels that Patek Philippe has won in the past are: stagnation is not an option, especially in the watch industry.

Therefore, it is worth looking at ref. The 5204 has a white gold silver opaque dial, and the case uses a perfect rose gold hue. The movement viewed through the sapphire case back is even more fascinating, and the new isolator system shows great watchmaking novelty. Once the second hand stops to display the time of a lap, the isolator separates the second wheel from the chronograph wheel. The decisive advantage of the new isolator is that it can move back and forth when it is clamped momentarily when opened and closed. This is more reliable than the mechanism used in the previous reference 5004 which only rotates in one direction. The mechanism consists of only 42 parts, and there are a total of 469 parts in the entire movement. The operating frequency of the balance is 28,800 semi-vibrations per hour, which is a significant improvement over the 18,000 vps of the previous model.

This first perpetual calendar with internal seconds hand chronograph has internal and external appearance and is the hidden star of the Patek Philippe series. It is much rarer than the Nautilus watch, and at the same time, this watch also makes Patek Philippe go further. Currently, only the rose gold version is available in this series. If Patek Philippe stays true to its rhythm-except for the slightly updated chronograph reference visually. The 5172 copy watch Review launched this year-we can never expect that this split-second chronograph with perpetual calendar function will be truly innovative before 2021.