Immediately watch the S2000 watch with Bremont Supermarine to bring more super experience

Luxury Bremont MWII FLYING TIGER Replica Watch

The biggest “cultural” difference between the Swiss Bremont Supermarine 500 and Supermarine 2000 (aka S2000 – no, unlike Honda) is the small text at the bottom of the dial. Supermarine replaced the old “Swiss Made” with a simple “London”. Does this mean that the S2000 is not made in Switzerland? no. On the contrary, it shows that Bremont has come a long way in becoming a true British luxury brand. It hopes that people will continue to know that it is English, and eventually lead to a movement in Britain rather than Switzerland. Supermarine 500 is still my favorite Bremont men’s watch.

to date. You can find the full review of Bremont Supermarine here. I really like that watch. Supermarine 2000 is really not that different. The idea in 2000 was to make bigger and more durable products. These pictures are pre-sales of the final watch. I also personally checked the prototype of 2000 and confirmed that it was all I liked about Supermarine 500, plus “1500”.

Why make Supermarine 2000? To be honest, I think it has nothing to do with people who need more water resistance. This may be related to Bremont’s own motto. The brand claims the durability and ruggedness of its replica watches and has a water resistance of 500 meters, so the original Supermarine cannot compete with some alternatives from brands such as Breitling and Rolex on paper. It is true that your basic “real” diver only needs a water resistance of 300 meters, but the higher water resistance provides a strange psychological guarantee. Baoming Watch wants to let anyone who does not want to ask know that Baoming Watch does have a fool-like deep diving watch. Will there be competition between Supermarine 500 and 2000? probably,

The shape of the housing is basically the same, but the maximum width is 45mm. The border is slightly different (new red arrow), but a beautiful sapphire crystal ring remains around the entire SuperLumiNova coated number. The dial is the same as we like, but with red text. According to Bremont, this piece is the same, but larger and more waterproof. Inside the watch is the same Bremont modified version and ETA 2836 self-winding movement certified by COSC chronograph. The new size is welcomed on the wrist, but this does not eliminate the Supermarine 500 that I still like.

Famininie Mix Sport Bremont AC I 32

The chic Bremont luxury watch adds a new look to its extensive participation in the America’s Cup, which returned to New York Harbor for the first time in nearly a century in the past weekend.

The British watch company, in collaboration with the American team defending the America’s Cup champion Oracle, added a 32mm ladies’ mechanical chronograph to its America’s Cup series this week. The elegant and casual Bremont AC I 32 is the first ladies’ watch in the series.

The co-founder of Bremont explained: “Since our launch last year, AC I has proven to be a very popular timepiece, and has caused a lot of inquiries from women who inquired about women’s versions, so this seems to be a natural extension of the product line. “Gills English. “Of course, just as Bremont just launched our first women’s watch, the timing is very appropriate.”

Inspired by the original Bremont men’s replica watches and drawing on the visual cues of the famous J-class yacht of the 1930s, this novel and attractive Bremont AC I 32 watch has sea blue steel hands and a delicate ivory white milky white dial, and is engraved There are silhouette cups of the America’s Cup. The dial is engraved with “London” and will be limited to 535 pieces. The hand-polished case is water resistant to 50 meters. Inside the movement is an automatic chronograph automatic winding movement with a 40-hour power reserve.