Audemars Piguet code 11.59 Price

CODE 11.59 watch double gold version (15210CR.OO.A002CR.01 / 15210CR.OO.A009CR.01).

Exquisite two-tone case
Audemars Piguet launched four extraordinary two-color case watches, two of which are self-winding watches with date and hour, minute and second display functions, and the other two are self-winding chronographs, with light gray and dark colors respectively Gray surface. The looming 18K rose gold case complements the 18K white gold bezel, lugs and case.

On the background of 18K white gold and rose gold interwoven, the multiple geometric structure of the case and the top hand-crafted decorations are more eye-catching. Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, the 22K rose gold automatic disc is at a glance, echoing each other with the rose gold body, which is beautiful. Among the watches made by Audemars Piguet for more than 100 years, there are only a handful of works with two-tone gold cases. Only 8 of the 550 watches produced and sold between 1882 and 1969, including platinum and rose gold Watches with two-tone cases are even rarer, with only one in the archives before 1978. Although there is no shortage of such works in today’s watch world, its exquisite and elegant charm is still unabated.quality replica watch

CODE 11.59 chronograph double gold model (26393CR.OO.A002CR.01/ 26393CR-OO-A009CR-01), 4302 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 4Hz (28,800 times/hour), 32 jewels. 4401 chronograph movement, vibration frequency 4Hz (28,800 times/hour), 40 stone.

The new two-tone watches have their own merits: the low-key light gray sun pattern decorative lacquer surface brings a bright brilliance, and the smoky gray sun pattern decorative lacquer surface gives the watch a charming depth. The latter is also equipped with a black inner bezel to add layering to the surface color. These two models are paired with gray and black hand-sewn “big square grid scale” alligator straps.

The new Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59 series is equipped with a new generation of self-winding movement and self-winding chronograph movement that came out last year. The 4302 self-winding movement has a second hand and an instant date display function. The self-winding chronograph is equipped with the 4401 movement, which has an integrated column wheel timing device and flyback function. You can restart the timing without first pressing the stop and reset buttons. Both movements have a patented setting device, which is more stable and accurate when adjusting the watch’s functions. The large movement with a diameter of 32 mm ensures more accurate timekeeping.

Through the sapphire crystal glass caseback of the watch, you can admire the exquisite hand-refined decoration of the movement, which inherits the tradition of haute watchmaking, including brushed polishing, Côtes de Genève, grain circle polishing, matte circle polishing, and corner diamonds Polishing and so on. In addition, the 4401 chronograph movement also has two major features: the patented zero-return mechanism ensures that the hands of each chronograph return to zero seamlessly, and the vertical clutch mechanism ensures that the chronograph hands will not vibrate when the chronograph is started or stopped.

In terms of design, the 4401 movement subverts the convention, allowing functions or parts that are generally hidden behind the scenes to be unveiled, such as the column wheel, and the graceful “dance” of the zero hammer when the chronograph is zeroed. The exclusive 22K gold skeletonized automatic disc of the watch further removes the elements that obscure the movement. Through the back cover of the replica watches usa, the above exquisite details can be seen in full view. These two movements combine watchmaking technology and traditional techniques, fully embodying Audemars Piguet’s meticulous spirit.