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Just like its country of origin, U-Boat watches are famous for their lucky shape, eye-catching case, large crown on the left side of the case and exquisite dial. They are different from most ordinary luxury watches. They have a neat design and will not be troubled by top-level complexity. Instead, they focus on high-quality manufacturing and convey a unique taste, confidence and sense of strength.

The story of the U-Boat brand began in 1942, when Ilvo Fontana, a talented craftsman with precision engineering instruments, was commissioned by the Italian Navy to design and manufacture watches for his naval pilots. The watch must follow a very precise set of technical specifications, while also ensuring maximum reliability and readability in any light or weather conditions. However, due to the circumstances at that time, the project was never realized. In 2000, Iivo’s grandson Italo Fontana stumbled upon these designs and decided to use them as an inspiration for the first U-Boat watch.


Since that day, Italo Fontana has designed every U-Boat watch on the market so that they can immediately recognize their personality beyond the yardage. Each U-Boat watch will continue to be designed and manufactured in the headquarters of the Lucca brand in Tuscany, Italy. U-Boat watches are based on Swiss-made movements and unique technologies and materials, so they cannot be ignored. Let’s learn more about all the latest U-Boat watch series…

U-Boat Chimera watch
The U-shaped submarine Chimera watch series is more of an animal part composed of Greek mythology and appropriately named after a fire-breathing creature. These watches are made of various materials such as mother-of-pearl, bronze mother-of-pearl, titanium, and laser-cut fine wires, and are beautifully constructed.

Another distinguishing feature of U-Boat Chimera watches is that their case is equipped with a prominent crown cap and buttons on the left side for easy operation. The chassis is also locked together by the baffle and external piping on the back cover of the chassis to ensure complete waterproofing. We absolutely love the U-Boat Chimera Net watch, which shows a skeleton dial and four superimposed layers. The last layer is refined from a laser-cut fine stainless steel wire mesh, showing the complex mechanical movement beneath it.

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