New watch reminder: two Grand Seiko’Soko’ US special editions

Grand Seiko’s latest products include two three-pin suits made of Spring Drive, inspired by the Japanese solar calendar, and are unique to the US market, but can also be achieved internationally due to the ubiquity of e-commerce. Believe it or not, fascinating cultural patterns are not even the most interesting thing about these watches…

Following the success of the US-launched “Seasons” series last June, Grand Seiko once again returned to freedom with a more compact but equally striking two new special edition editors. These Spring Drive watches called “Soko” are a continuation of Grand Seiko America’s ongoing seasonal release strategy: this time exploring Japan’s 24 calendar. In terms of context, Soko is a period that traditionally corresponds to the last day of autumn, translated into English as “rime drop”.

Grand Seiko did not choose a direct description of the frost (it can be said that it has played a big role in SGBA211 “Snowflake”), but decided to visualize the Soko phenomenon through the image of the bamboo forest. More specifically, both the dark and light versions of the Soko model describe the frost that appears on Arashiyama-Naashiyama is a nationally designated location, with breathtaking greenery and natural sounds Famous for the scenery.

There is no doubt that the Japanese confusion about climate and scenery is transformed into each new Review replica watch in different ways. For the “Light” special edition (SBGA427), the dial is lightly metalized with light gray vertical brushing: under the thin canopy of morning frost, it guides the appearance of closely clustered bamboo stalks.

Grand Seiko Soko U.S. Special Edition Men copy watch SBGA427

Case: Stainless Steel,Round
Cuts: 39 mm
Movement: Automatic
Dial: White
Thickness: 12.50 mm
Glass: sapphire
Band Material: Crocodile
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Power Reserve
Year: 2020

Grand Seiko SPRING DRIVE SBGA083 Replica Watch

In contrast, “Shadow” (SBGA429) will evoke the same image, although at different times of the day, and under the appropriate secret layers of messy black, green, and charcoal. Elsewhere, both dials are executed using the same layout: a date window at three o’clock; a green seconds hand; a fan-shaped power reserve; and a carefully selected index by the classic Grand Seiko.

Moving to the well-known exterior, Seiko, a long-term Seiko manufacturer, will immediately notice the reduced case size for these parts. Among the regular collectors of the brand, a common complaint has always been the thickness of relatively simple watches (three hands, GMT, etc.). Happily, Grand Seiko America is clearly listening, because the size of these Spring Drive watches is 39mm (certified “daily wearer” territory). More importantly, the thickness of the case is 12.5 mm-considering that the thickness and variation of 14 mm is a norm that was accepted only four years ago, the size has decreased dramatically.

With a selling price of nearly 40,000 Hong Kong dollars, I cannot but emphasize that the value proposition of the Soko version is competitive. The 9R65 Spring Drive’s chronograph function from these luxury watches replica is not a particularly “beautiful” movement-of course not subject to the standards of the traditional Franco-Latin watchmaking industry-but temporarily exclude your relevant prejudices and then consider What is its role. You are actually paying for the entrance fee.

The short answer? A thoroughly original solution that maintains accuracy, consistently high standards of aesthetic decoration, and can operate normally on weekends without sweating. Can we blame how many other brands in this segment have imposed such high standards on themselves?

Grand Seiko’Soko’ American version is available in silver (SBGA427) or gray dial (SBGA429).