Urwerk: 20 years of breakthrough design

If it is not conventional, it is not Urwerk.

If there is a strange idea behind the Urwerk fake watch, it is probably the eternal journey of the sun from one horizon to another. Over the past 20 years, Urwerk has continuously updated its radical design and engineering philosophy to achieve its own rhythm in different parts of the town.

Most of its watches do not look like traditional watches. They lacked hands round and round, and their boxes were shaped more like satellites and millennium falcons. Time is usually indicated by satellite complications, which is reminiscent of the crazy tea party trip at Disneyland.

As Urwerk celebrates its 20th anniversary, here are the iconic design and engineering marvels that the brand has released over the years.

1997 Splashdown: UR-101, UR-102
Urwerk’s debut at the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show in 1997 is a modern interpretation of the “wandering time” of watches. UR-101 (above) and UR-102 have beautiful lines and case design, respectively, inspired by the Millennium Falcon and Sputnik, they exude a retro vintage science fiction atmosphere, which is somewhat contrary to the handmade without CNC machine.

Urwerk Watch Replica 103 collection 103.09 WG

2003 Breakthrough: UR-103
For many people, UR-103 is the first watch that comes to mind when considering Urwerk. This is not surprising, because it marks Urwerk ’s victory in overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and sees how it lays the foundation for future product lines. This is the first iteration of Urwerk ’s watchmaking ideals, fully enriched Too. Baumgartner ’s father proposed an easy-to-drive watch: as a result, the minute arc flipped toward the wearer, and the time disc was converted into a three-dimensional cone for easier reading and a more striking appearance. More radical is the control panel on the bottom cover, which can display seconds and 15 minutes for precise settings. The power reserve indicator and a flat screw can allow the wearer to adjust the tempo within 30 seconds within 24 hours. Did not open the box!

2008 automatic version: UR-202
It is foreseeable that Urwerk ’s first automatic transmission is different: in the UR-202, the rotor is connected to a pair of turbines that use aerodynamics as rotor brakes. Through the stepless switch control, the user can adjust the winding efficiency of the rotor to adapt to its overall activity level, thereby reducing the wear of the movement.

2009 Broadcasting Star: UR-CC1
It took 10 years, and then another 3 years to perfect the micro-engineering. As a result, a pair of rotating cylinders deviated from the satellite timing system. The cylinders indicate hours and minutes in the manner of analog car radios of the past era.

The era of hybrids in 2013: EMC
Earlier Urwerk models provided unprecedented levels of control over mechanical watches by providing user adjustment (UR-103) and rotor control (UR-202). Electromechanical control (EMC) extends this function by integrating an electronic module that monitors the frequency of the balance and displays deviations for the user to make necessary adjustments. The next version of EMC Time Hunter, launched in 2016, can even display the scale of the balance, with an LED to indicate whether the watch is operating within the optimal parameters.

History … URWERK is an award-winning watch brand, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, known for its avant-garde design, new indications and complications. URWERK was founded in 1995 by watchmaker Felix and brothers Thomas Baumgartner and artist Martin Frei (Thomas Baumgartner left in 2004). They presented their first timepiece to the Independent Watchmaker Society (AHCI) at the Basel Watch Fair in 1997. The URWERK series has developed into a series of timepieces including 110, 103, 200, 1001 and LAB. UR-110 won the “Best Design Watch” award at the 2011 Geneva Advanced Watch Awards. The selected watch is a Swiss-made Urwerk UR-103.03 / Targa 103.03RG refined polished finished 18k rose gold rectangular case with a diameter of 50x36mm. Fixed 18k rose gold bezel. The mechanical wound moves and the power reserve is up to ± 43 hours. A black dial with Arabic numerals, marks and a minute track arch is displayed. The 103 mechanic was exposed, and the satellite-shaped rotating dishes were each marked for 3 hours. Targa discloses its mechanism ARCAP P40 bridge; titanium Geneva cross; orbital cross in ARCAP P40; hourly satellite made of transparent sapphire. The power reserve indicator on the bottom cover, the 15-minute and 60-second dials, the “chronograph”, and a fine adjustment screw adjust the accuracy of the Review cheap watch to +/- 30 seconds per day. Wind crown. U-shaped mineral glass sapphire crystal, reliable working bottom cover. Brown alligator leather strap with Tang buckle in 18k rose gold. Water resistant to 30m / 99ft. Show signature “Urwerk”, inscription on the back cover, movement signature and hide …

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, satellite-shaped rotating disc system, control panel: 15-minute and 60-second “chronograph” dials, fine adjustment mechanism, power reserve indicator on the back cover, manual movement 3.03, 36 Hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, sturdy back cover, leather strap with 18k rose gold Tang buckle. Waterproof depth up to 30m / 99ft … (not suitable for prolonged contact with water, such as swimming, bathing).

Personal notes-LNIB, with presentation box and documents, as shown in the photo … Urwerk UR-103.03 / Targa 103.03RG carefully crafted and polished 18k rose gold rectangular case. further and further. The UR-103 has URWERK’s innovative four dome-shaped satellite-shaped rotating discs that can indicate the current hour. The current disc-shaped hour indicator is stylish because it is curved on the minute chapter mark, and the next hour will be moved to the new disc To indicate the new hour. The disc itself rotates to indicate the new hour display outside of the current time setting … The main technical challenge is to ensure that the satellite has excellent synchronization performance … On the back of the case is a control board whose function is: power-reserve indicator , 15-minute and 60-second dials provide precise time setting and fine adjustment screws. The design of this watch is exquisite. It is really a device whose form follows function. The incredible watch left a deep impression on me.

The upper side of the movement continues to implement the astronomical clock system specified in the main UR-101 movement, but in the case where it is necessary to track seconds and minutes (for example, when setting the time), this is not accurate enough. Therefore, the bottom surface of the movement has been converted into a control board, which can not only clearly see the seconds and minutes, but also provide a 43-hour power reserve of the barrel. The unique feature is that you can fine-tune the adjustment of the watch within a maximum of 30 seconds within 24 hours.

Urwerk … handsome … brown alligator leather strap with 18k rose gold Tang buckle.

Urwerk … movement .. movement 3.03 .. power reserve 43 hours … precision adjustment screws that can calibrate the accuracy of the wholesale watches replica to +/- 30 seconds per day …. unique triple chassis in Arcap P40 black The time satellite display of the PVD coating shows that the movement is made of a frictionless Geneva cross system, the hours, minutes and five minutes are marked as 21 600 vph 3 hz Super-LumiNova high-strength specially-made clockwork system with black pvd coating The 2nd grade titanium alloy hour satellite 2nd grade titanium alloy orbit cross …