Bell and Ross BR 03-92 HUD

The watch brand Bell & Ross is the benchmark and benchmark for professional aviation time instruments. It derives from the development of military instruments with its new interpretation of the iconic watch BR 03-92 HUD.

Its “Instrument” series is directly inspired by the essential air navigation tools of the aircraft control panel, and highlights the four basic requirements of Bell & Ross: legibility, functionality, accuracy and water resistance. The BR 03-92 HUD fully complies with this series, and its inspiration comes from the fighter panel equipped with the most advanced technology.

The head-up display (also called HUD) is a transparent glass screen that displays all the information necessary to complete the mission in the pilot’s field of vision. swiss watches.For best results, its main function is to enable pilots to focus on their tasks without having to look away from the target.

HUD, regarded as a security and technical team, embraced the concept of augmented reality. By displaying digital data on the windshield through the HUD, the pilot can be reminded of everything on the horizon, from altitude or speed to assisted navigation, such as a flight path vector, which indicates that the aircraft is taking off.

Therefore, this high-performance tool will focus on readability and will guide the course during the day and night. In the case of poor visibility, no matter what the situation, the screen will always adjust the brightness and contrast to adapt to the ambient light.

Although HUD was first used in the military field in the 1950s, today HUD is often found in the civil aviation and automotive industries. watches replica .The military world has always been a pioneer in many fields. It has undoubted experience in cutting-edge technology, and its innovations have been used in many civilian applications, such as the Internet, GPS and even the first commercial aircraft.