Devon TREAD 1G Replica Watch

DEVON Works Tread 1 fake (watch worn by David Tennant in Good Omen)

DEVON Works is an American watch company. They invented Tread 1, a crazy cool timepiece that displays the time according to the belt system. The engine is an electric quartz movement that incorporates a mechanical system of movable belts. With careful design we are talking about the main friction of the components. We are talking about physics!

Update: This timepiece was worn by David Tennant in the 2019 BBC miniseries Good Omen.

“Tread 1 is a must-have timepiece for enthusiasts, passionate about innovation and creativity. This engineering masterpiece is DEVON’s first timepiece. Tread.”-Devon Works

“The core of Tread 1 is the on-board microprocessor, which is essentially a microcomputer that can control all the functions of the copy watch. It collects data from temperature-compensated crystals and a proprietary optical recognition system that continuously monitors and verifies the time zone Position to ensure stable accuracy – in fact, Tread 1 ’s daily accuracy is within half a second. -DEVON works

“The friction point of tread 1 uses a lubricant-free ruby ​​bearing, which is provided by a solid lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can run for up to two weeks on a single charge.” -DEVON works

“When charging is required, charging can be completed in an inductive manner through the charging tower in just a few hours without any wires. The movement, thoughtful engineering details, and no need for lubrication greatly reduce the maintenance required.” DEVON replica watches