HYT Technologies : Functions and constraints

Water meter? The human adventure of the origin of the development of HYT H1 has made it possible only in theoretical physics. This is a technical note.

There are many problems with the functional principle of the fluid module, so that it is necessary to create unheard of processes and technologies, especially when producing prototypes and industrializing the overall production of swiss watches. In order to better grasp its function, we have proposed an excellent list containing all its constraints. We also provide the names of people who made the initial quasi-philosophical intention possible.

“The idea behind ‘return to Clepsydre’ is a real leap forward, and it is more dizzying than returning to the 17th and 18th centuries of watchmaking technology. Because the numerous components of the fluid modules provide limited reliability in their close interaction Therefore, the controllability of the tolerance band is not as good as the tolerance band in the traditional watchmaking process.

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In addition, these tolerance bands match. This complexity has nothing to do with traditional quality control as understood by the watch industry. Vuillamoz clearly pointed out: there are many challenges to be solved, we can not adopt good practice, because no one has produced such a watch before.

Functional principle of the fluid module
Before evaluating the bulk of the physical contract that must be mastered to make HYT’s fluid indicators reliable, it is important to understand their function. The fluid module consists of a glass capillary tube, which connects two flexible metal containers filled with two immiscible liquids, one of which is colored and the other is transparent. When a storage tank is pressed, compressed liquid enters the capillary, forming a display interface instead of the junction between colored and colorless transparent areas.

Whenever the fluid indicator reaches 6 o’clock, when the first container is compressed, the display system will inevitably return to its original state.HYT H1 AZO PROJECT 148-PA-21-GF-RU Replica watch. Then, before restarting the 12-hour compression cycle, the liquid will rotate in the reverse direction for about one minute.

Since the liquid expands with changes in temperature, a thermal compensator (an intermediate device) must be integrated to avoid the harmful effects of this physical phenomenon. In fact, when inflated, the liquid can only move in the capillary tube, so the accuracy of the display time is impaired. The function of the thermal compensator (3) is similar to a leak, so the position of the liquid can be corrected when the temperature changes.

The development of HYT fluid modules has been carried out within the framework of early research and innovation. This method is quasi-empirical. Observe, design, apply it, and develop and make it reliable under decisive circumstances.

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Various problems caused by the development of HYT fluid modules must be reduced and resolved. In addition, the interaction between the process mastered by the engineer and the process mastered by the watchmaker must be found.

The first challenge encountered was the energy balance of the fluid module. The question is how to move the liquid with the low energy that the mechanical watch movement can produce. Since the system acts as a spring, energy can be recovered by cycling every 12 hours. Therefore, there is no loss of energy because there is no need to “press” twice, thus losing the double energy generated by the mechanical movement. This problem determines the size of all components in the fluid module. Next is the task of precisely controlling the movement of the two liquids. The balance between the fluids is especially important. In fact, the liquid must be immiscible and the affinity with the glass wall of the capillary should be as small as possible. However, polar liquids that can push the glass wall tend to have an affinity with another liquid. The capillary and the two liquids must push each other, and the color (except for being miscible with one of the liquids) must never be mixed with the second liquid. www.whole-watches-discount.com

Complex calibration procedures

Therefore, in order to obtain a good composition of the liquid and the colorant, many tests were conducted to make the initially incompatible cohabitants possible.

This “fluid management” requires important developments to control speed and regulate flux. Therefore, the fluid channel goes through the process of creating areas of different diameters, so its flux can be adjusted at each step (such as liquid filling, winding, function, etc.). There is also a thermal compensator that can control the temperature difference to prevent the liquid from expanding. After repeatedly adjusting the assembly of the various components of the fluid module, it is possible to avoid the loss of liquid. In contrast, the fluid module’s waterproof rating is 10,000 times that of a 100-meter waterproof watch.

The bridge between physics and watchmaking
Once the main problem is identified and resolved, it must be coordinated. Procedures must be implemented to adapt the needs of engineers to those of watchmakers.

As a result, the watch production staff used the knowledge of some engineers to synchronize the mechanical and fluid time. Many machines are specifically created. For example, there is a device that can handle sensitive and delicate steps for injecting liquid into a watch. Another example is the measurement tool, which can help measure the accuracy of different elements with extremely low tolerances. Glass capillaries and bellows have precise dimensions of a few microns or a few microns. Finally, before using mechanical motion, a cycle tool is needed to simulate the function of each fluid module.

Therefore, HYT copy watches are not just movements and additional modules. This is the result of an alliance between watchmaking and physics in various forms such as micromechanics and fluid dynamics. With H1 and the updated H2, HYT has entered a new field of time display while creating new technologies and making them reliable.

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Brand :HYT

Model :148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS

Range : H1 Diamond dome chrysoberyl

Movement :Hand winding

Gender :Mens

Case material :Titanium,PVD

Case size :48.8 MM

Crystal :Sapphire

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Bracelet material :Black Rubber

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Strap features:With titanium inlay

Water resistance :100 m