Watch photography guide to take it to new heights

Anyone can take a picture of the watch, but it is another matter to leave an unforgettable impression on your photography. Shooting a watch is a niche and specialized form of photography that can share skills with other disciplines (such as product, fashion, and macro (ie extreme close-up) photography). It requires attention to detail and sometimes a lot of patience.

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However, just as collecting watches can be a beneficial experience, so can creating images to share with like-minded people. Think of this guide as not a manual on how to create distinctive cookie cut images, but a guide for you to think about how to use the existing images to take the best image.

When you learn to bend the light as you like, you will soon find that no matter which camera you use, you can take a compelling image. A good way to learn photography starts with observation – observation of light and shadow.

Before picking up the camera, I often spend time walking around the room. I move in the space where I plan to shoot and observe the light or lack of light. My question to myself is: what is the source of light? Is it natural or artificial?

Where does it come from? Can I control it? The answers to these questions will usually determine how I shoot.

Given the current situation, most of us will be restricted to taking photos at home. So let’s see how to take the best images from the sofa!

Get a good light source even at home
Most houses have a large number of light sources, from lamps to downlights. Unlike professional flashes, you usually have only two options to control these light sources: on or off. In addition to professional flash, my preferred light source is natural light. Household artificial light sources are usually too harsh and need to be modified. It is best to place a modifier such as a white diffuser between the light source and the watch, or a small white sheet between the light source and the copy watch.

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Although, be careful! Mixing light sources with different color temperatures will make it difficult to color correct the image later. For example, using natural light as the main light source and using LED lights for backlighting at the same time will cause you trouble in post-production. If you have a flash, try using a neutral-colored wall or ceiling to reflect light to prevent the flash from being softer. However, the caveat with this method is that your lighting depends on the vicinity of the wall or ceiling and its position relative to the wall or ceiling. Using multiple light sources and popping up the flash will make the image lack contrast.

If you use a flash, you may want to check for unnecessary reflection or color cast. To check this, activate the camera without using the flash to see how it affects the image. If the screen is not completely black, the shutter speed is too slow and / or the aperture is too large. Increase these values ​​until you see nothing in the next image you take. Remember, as the aperture decreases, the depth of field will increase.