U-Boat Doppiotempo

Both versions are made of sapphire glass on the front, which is thick and anti-reflective, and uses a U-shaped cut fumè one to see movement.

Last but not least, the patented crown release system allows easy adjustment of data and time, and the serial number is engraved on a small nameplate on the side of the case.

U boat DoppioTempo series-U boat dual time zone

This U Boat DoppioTempo watch series is specially designed for travelers.

The U-shaped submarine dual time zone fake watch is designed to meet the needs of dynamic men or women. This watch has a sporty appearance and does not neglect details.

The special hand-made bezel stands out, allowing you to indicate 2 different time zones at the same time.

Like other models, the crown is located on the left side, as well as other settings. On the right, on some models, we find the bezel lock and the serial number engraving.

Regarding the material of the fake U-Boat Doppio Tempo strap, we were surprised by some of the engraved leather designs of this series.