What else can we buy if we don’t chase the “explosive models”?

Everyone should be familiar with silicon material. Many movements on the market now use this special material. Who first introduced silicon material to the watchmaking world? Here is a mention of Ulysse Nardin. Ulysse Nardin released its first Freak Fantastic Watch in 2001. In addition to its subversive appearance, the movement is made of silicon. As a result, Ulysse Nardin has become a leader in the field of silicon materials. pioneer. However, Ulysse Nardin’s research and development and application of silicon materials did not stop there. The emergence of the diamond silicon crystal escapement once again proved the strength of Ulysse Nardin.

What I want to tell you today is Ulysse Nardin’s new play in the silicon decoration process-silicon fine inlay. Ulysse Nardin has released two FREAK X finely inlaid siliceous watches, one blue with gold and one navy blue with silver. This year Ulysse Nardin has released a new FREAK X finely inlaid silicon wrist watch. The watch uses two shades of blue and green. Today we got this new product. (Watch model: 2303-270LE/03-MARQ-BQ)

Silicon inlay is a new process in the watchmaking industry. The craftsman first uses a plasma accelerator to cut the silicon wafer (wafer), and then assemble the silicon wafers. It takes about 120 pieces of silicon strips to be formed by hand. The effect of light and shadow circulation. However, we all know that silicon wafers are thin and brittle, even if they are stacked carefully, they will inevitably be damaged and incomplete, so this requires the skill of a master craftsman.

In the middle of the watch, the blue decoration part is inlaid with a green “X” shape. When the light sweeps through the silicon wafers of different sizes on the dial like X-rays, the silicon fine inlay can show all directions. Unmatched charm of light and shadow.

The watch case is made of titanium, which is light in weight, strong in hardness and corrosion resistance. The Freak X watch has returned to the crown design, and it is more convenient to adjust the time directly with the crown.

Except for the decoration part, the other designs are basically in the same line as the Freak X watch. The movement is still the flying carrousel bar movement, which rotates 1 circle per hour to display the time. The movement replaces the function of the hands, the central bridge is used to indicate the minutes, and a gear in the movement can be used to indicate the hours. And we see that the part that is inlaid with silicon is actually a movement splint, not a regular dial. FREAK X

The front of the watch has a clear movement gear train. The UN-230 movement integrates the dual advantages of the brand’s self-made UN-118 movement and the Whimsical Transcend watch UN-250 movement, and the movement structure is simpler and bolder, with fewer gears. . We can see the same outstanding innovative designs as the Freak Vision watch: ultra-light and over-sized silicon balance wheel, nickel weights and self-adjusting micro flakes.

The hour markers and the bridge are decorated with SuperLumiNova luminous coating, showing a bright blue in the dark. The watch is equipped with a blue alligator leather strap, equipped with a hook and loop closure, which is very fast and convenient to use, and it is also very strong.

Over the years, Ulysse Nardin’s watch works have become more and more aimed at young consumers, and the personality and characteristics are firmly imprinted in the watch, especially the Freak X watch. The silicon fine inlay adds to the original extraordinary Freak X watch. This FREAK X silicon fine inlay watch can be described as a combination of craftsmanship and watchmaking technology.