Richard Miller RM 50-04 Tuahenewheel Double

Richard Miller RM 50-04 Tuahenewheel Double Secondary Code Table Kiki Lek Ning Co., Ltd. Editon

The Ice of the first-class equation has got the same cool and complex RM to call themselves.

Richard Mille did its utmost to announce the new partnership between Kimiräikkönen, Finnish Racing Legend Characters. The announcement includes a brand new limited edition watch, Tyeling wheel sub-timing code table Kimi Lekino (also named RM 50-04). As you expected, this is a watch that is suitable for superman robots, still chasing a podium in the most advanced motorcycle series. Richard Mille RM 50-04 combines advanced materials, complex engineering technology and advanced tomography, and it is eye-catching Mix. And you know that it has a matching price tag.

Manual upper chain RM 50-04 is mixed with carbon white TPT and quartz TPT mixed-made light white / cream 44.5 mm housing, 30 minutes double second pursue time code table, gyro and power storage indication (up to 70 Millimeter) hour), and function and torque indication. Brand’s new hollow RM50-03 movement provides support for all this, which is made of Carbon TPT and titanium. After the test of Richard Mille, it can withstand the impact of up to 5000 grams, which is 7 grams of natural movement. As a reference, a quarter of the US is 5.67 grams (for my Canadian compatriots, the weight of the tonna is closer to 6.92 grams).

Since the plan is planned to be officially announced in the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix (this weekend), the RM 50-04 is used in red color matching to Laikkin’s location and dial in the Alpha Rome. . There is a large “7” hour mark because this is the number of car of Lekino. Räikkönen ‘is a real legend of the first-class equation (first-class equation), which is also known as “ice people” since 2017, and he is called “ice people” because of tough and concentrated attitude. It seems to be both suitable. Richard Mille, is also his own good wrist.

This is another cool watch launched by swiss Richard Mille. RM 50-04 As a product, it is a very expensive and quite stupid practice in brands and marketing, which is limited and expensive, so that only reluctance can be considered as the product itself. From my perspective, this is a product that rooted in the easy-to-use steel sports watch and usually inadvertent. I regard these RM as a super-sports car in the watch industry: beautiful and modern, designed Avante Garde expression initially Designed products suitable for need or purpose.

Although I don’t need to make Richard Mille call me (not to get the right pair from the car industry, I like the existence of this brand, and their watches are like RM 50 – 04. We are human beings, not everything needs practical. Sometimes things may be related to expression, entertainment, curiosity, experience or even unpredictable needs to find restrictions in a given category. In this case, RM 50-04 has a similar relationship with the general concept of the watch, just like a first-class equation racing with the concept of a car. In fact, the most practical aspects in the whole story may be “Ice”.

Brand: Richard Mille
Model: Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph Kimiräikkönen
Reference number: RM 50-04

Diameter: 44.50mm
Thickness: 16.10mm
Shell material: quartz TPT and carbon TPT
Dial color: black and red glow
Waterproof: 50 meters
Shoot / bracelet: textile

Movement: RM50-03 Movement
Function: Time, minute, second timecase table, power storage, torque indication, function indication, gyro.
Diameter: 31.1 x 31.15mm
Thickness: 9.92mm
Power storage: 70 hours upper chain
: Manual upper chain
Frequency: 21,600 VPH
Jewelry: 43