Ulysse Nardin watch

As a new collector, you may not have heard of fake Ulysse Nardin watches.

Ulysse Nardin is a brand dedicated to innovation. Its invention changed the route of maritime navigation in the 1870s. Despite technological breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry, it unfortunately is not as well-known as the new brand. This is mainly because the brand’s sales methods are more reticent.

Innovation since 1846
Nevertheless, replica Ulysse Nardin‘s contribution to trade and watchmaking should not be underestimated. In 1846, the young Ulysse Nardin set out to make pocket watches and marine chronometers. These watches are accurate enough to be used in voyages, opening up a new world for traders, enabling them to navigate accurately and efficiently on all continents.

Innovations such as the 24-inch split second chronograph and tourbillon escapement mark the brand’s achievements. In the next 170 years, Ulysse Nardin broke the world record for precision and technology in the watchmaking industry.

For a brand with such a long history, it is indeed difficult to choose from many series. Especially if you are a new collector. In order to simplify your work, we have compiled a series of Ulysse Nardin’s best collections and highlighted their best features below.

The Ocean Collection of Ulysse Nardin
First on our list is the Marine series from Ulysse Nardin. The copy watches in this series are the perfect embodiment of modernity with retro nostalgia. The dial is reminiscent of a compass, while the Roman numerals recreate the novelty of the nautical spirit.

Unlike other time-limited watches, Ulysse Nardin includes date and timing functions, taking it to a new level. Although they look like decorations for design purposes only, they add so many features to the watch that many collectors are overwhelmed by their additions.

There is no brand like Ulysse Nardin. They continue to pursue smaller movements and higher technical installation levels, creating an infinite boundary for future innovation. They are one of the few that traditionally continue to produce hairsprings and escapements in-house.

Their insistence on keeping their roots and showing their heritage in the timepiece is admirable. If you are considering using swiss Ulysse Nardin watch, then this combination of functionality and aesthetics will definitely satisfy you.