Bell and Ross: Formula One Fever

Bell & Ross BR-X1 R.S.19 BRX1-RS19/SRB Replica Watch

Although the aviation industry is indeed the true birthplace of fake Bell & Ross (Bell & Ross), the brand has been acknowledging its love for the world of Formula One for years. This is the official partner of the Renault F1 team, and Maison recently launched a series of new instruments with the pilot and brand ambassador Esteban Ocon. These four futuristic chronographs are high-tech and exquisite, show the colors of the racing team, and draw inspiration directly from the concept car.

Covid-19 spares no effort, especially in the watchmaking industry. Large gatherings in Switzerland (such as “Watches and Miracles” in Geneva or Basel… Basel World) have been cancelled, and with the disappearance of these two masses, the entire industry is dumbfounded. In the general wait-and-see policy, some resisting brands are still unwilling to accept it. Of course, all of these strictly follow the basic rules and precautions in order to still be able to organize press conferences and showcase their latest products.

Bell and Rose are among them. The manufacturer’s workshop is located in Switzerland, and all ideas are completed in France. This situation explains the existence of the brand in two countries and why it once again held a very unique event in Paris to showcase the new RS20 series: fitness classes equipped with Batak fitness machines, which can of course be used by pilots to improve reflections Sex, and give away a glass of vitamin-containing smoothie, and of course a tube of aloe-scented water-alcohol gel. Participants had the opportunity to visit a series of exquisite tool tables designed by the Renault F1 team, including warm-ups, ball games, muscle exercises and voice advice from Esteban Ocon replica watch

Since the watchmaker and the racing team started working together in 2016, this pure teamwork product has become the fifth product to modify the surface of the earth. “After the aerodynamic design of the minivan, the brand co-founder Carlos Rosillo said that their flywheels, mechanical parts and chronographs have chosen avant-garde spirit as our guiding principle.” Drawing inspiration from the design of Renault’s RS2027 concept car-giving us a glimpse of the future of minivans-in order to draw these four limited edition chronographs.

These watches have neither personality nor vitality, a sense of inner strength and a certain sense of elegance. One might worry that these instruments will fall into the fast and painfully angry monophony, but even the most atypical of them (with a skeletonized movement) does not. Their black and yellow two-color theme perfectly reflects the fragile balance of the designers and engineers of the Renault F1® team in the courage to pursue and achieve their goals. ‘These RS Bell and Ross creative director Bruno Belamich explained at the press conference that these models show our expertise, our DNA, and the collaboration with our partner Renault F1® team. The design scope remains consistent. These chronographs are made of the most innovative materials available in the racing world and are a real step forward for other Bell & Ross series products, and will not forget its grassroots principles: style, legibility and practicality.

The success of this quartet strengthened the alliance between Bell, Rose and Renault F1 and strengthened the synergy between the teams working on the project. Other creations have been promised in the next few years, but there are no more details. There is no doubt that this will attract beautiful mechanical devices, racing cars and racing enthusiasts like Esteban luxury replica watches

The limited edition of 999 pieces of BR V3-94 R.S.20 is automatic and is definitely the most “reasonable” of the four. Its round steel case is equipped with a rotating bezel and a tachymeter on the dial. It has a waterproof function of up to 100 meters, and is equipped with a steel or leather strap, imitating black carbon and with a yellow lining.

This automatic chronograph is issued in limited edition and adopts the iconic square shape of Bell & Ross instruments. It is waterproof up to 100 meters, the lighter part is equipped with a speedometer, and it also comes with two belts: perforated leather and strong black artificial canvas.

The BR-X1 R.S.20 model is powered by an automatic skeletonized chronograph movement, and its original mechanical device is dazzling. Its case is made of PVD titanium, ceramics and rubber, which are high-performance materials commonly used in aerospace, Formula One racing and sports watchmaking industries. This set of 250-piece musical instruments is both elegant and unique in design choices, such as making the rocker pusher similar to a paddle switch on a steering wheel.

The fourth and final instrument-the instrument codenamed BR-X1 Tourbillon R.S.20-pushes the boundaries even further. It is equipped with a rotatable bezel and an outer ring with a “stop-start” indication, thereby elevating the instrument to the status of modern high-end watches. This chronograph has a single-button function at 2 o’clock, is water-resistant up to 100 meters, and has a square dial made of titanium, ceramic and rubber, can accommodate a manual winding movement, and has a power of up to 4 Store for days. The movement adopts mixed stitching technology, and its large caliber is adjusted by a flying tourbillon. Exquisite and delicate miracle.