Greubel Forsey GMT Sport review

If you know fake watches, Greubel Forsey is a top brand. Greubel Forsey watches make Rolex look like a cheap toy. But until now, Greubel Forsey has never released a sports watch.

Now it has changed… or is it?

First, the full name is Greubel Forsey GMT Sport. In the name of sports….It will definitely be a suitable sports watch, right? Do not. In fact, the company’s founder Stephen Forsey (Stephen Forsey) made it clear that “this is not a real sports watch.” So yes. . . Our starting point is good.

Things can’t really get better from here, but first let’s mention the things I like.


  1. Amazing, no matter where you go, people will clearly realize its existence… attention to detail is a typical feature of GF watches… Obviously, it has a typical tourbillon
  2. With GMT, so you can actually use it for travel
  3. Its water resistance is up to 100 meters, which means you don’t need to take it off in the pool

So, starting from the good, let’s look at the bad.

  1. This case is definitely a big one. With a width of 45 mm and a thickness of almost 16 mm, it is an ice hockey watch. In other words, it uses a light weight material, so it will not wear so heavy
  2. Does the design really like it or hate it? Personally, I hate it and it feels very much like Dali. To be honest, I hope that brands like Invicta
    Instead of top watch brands 3. The text on the bezel is too difficult. To be honest, it feels tacky to announce it on the bezel as an exclusive watch. This price level watch should be able to explain everything…you don’t need to write all these things
  3. The dial pad is too busy. It is difficult to tell the time. You need to concentrate on your wrist and mentally delete / \ between 5 and 6 points. 5
    . It is very fragile. Sports watches need to bear at least a little abuse, and this watch seems to be damaged due to too much effort.

In general, this is a beautiful watch, but no sports watch… However, I suspect that this is crucial for both the chief and the billionaire to eventually buy one of these watches.