Pharrell Williams’ Richard Mille collaboration is literally what he dreamed of Dream

Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams) and Richard Mille (swiss Richard Mille) cooperation of the first watch is not only the dream of his dream, it is directly inspired by them. The dial of the watch was unveiled on Thursday. An astronaut on Mars stared at the earth. This photo first appeared when the singer fell asleep. He is a huge Star Trek fan.

This new watch is called the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams and has one of the most gorgeous decorative dials you might see this year. The creative team of Swiss watchmakers went all out to portray the universe, bringing together a professional engraver, enamelist and painter to bring color portraits of astronauts and earth reflections in the visor into life. It is said that each dial takes 15 hours to complete.

Williams said in a statement: “Looking up at the sky always fascinates me.” Williams first shouted the brand on his 2006 song “I Can Be Like That.” “What can be more enlightening than ever? The space in front of you. Seeing is yours. Before the earth, before the solar system. It will be behind us, and there is nothing more meaningful than this. . “

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Of course, this is Richard Mille we are talking about, so swiss RM 52-05 not only has a beautiful dial, but also more. These include a manual winding tourbillon movement, a free balance spring with variable inertia, a rapidly rotating barrel, barrel teeth, a central involute profile third-wheel pinion, and a 42-hour power reserve. Its crown is also modeled on the rocket pod and has rubber rings representing the Martian rover tires.

The timepiece is also made of materials from the space age, such as red gold, brown cermet (a mixture of ceramics and metals), white gold with diamonds and grade 5 titanium alloy. The bottom plate also has a rich adventure wind and glittering gold stone glass inlays, which combine to evoke the external space.

Like most of the brand ’s celebrities, both Jackie Chan and Nadal are also restricted.